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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights are exclusive rights that the Commission des services juridiques has regarding documents that it produces or publishes. This protection covers administrative and legal documents and documents produced by Commission employees, public bodies or third parties who have assigned rights to the Commission or granted the Commission a licence to use certain material. Those rights include copyrights, trademarks and patents.

For example, the compilations of data and information on this site are works protected by copyright just like multi-media, literary, musical or artistic works.

As a result, anyone who, for commercial purposes, intends or wishes to reproduce, store, download, translate, make a public presentation of sounds or images or transmit by telecommunication any document, data or other content on this site must obtain the prior authorization of the Commission des services juridiques. For authorization, please contact the Secretary of the Commission des services juridiques.

Accuracy of Information

The Commission des services juridiques guarantees the accuracy of the information on its website when it is posted, but not subsequently; it does not guarantee the accuracy of any document, data or other content once it has been altered or modified in any way either before or after it is downloaded. Furthermore, if there is a discrepancy between an official text and the content of this site, the official text will prevail. 

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