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Legal Aid/ Cost of the service

Homologation - Cost of service

How much does the Homologation Assistance Service (HAS) cost?

  • The cost of the HAS is determined in accordance with section 1 of the Regulation respecting legal aid. It amounts to $637, that is, $470 in fees and $167 in court costs.

  • Each party must assume half the cost, that is, $318.50.

  • A person who is financially eligible for gratuitous legal aid will not have to pay anything, while a person who is eligible under the contributory scheme will be required to pay the lesser of the contribution or $318.50 .

  • If the parties are no longer able to agree once they have a lawyer, legal aid will be withdrawn. The lawyer will receive a portion of his fee ($117.50), and the balance of the amount paid by the parties ($519.50) will be reimbursed to them .

  • If the special clerk refuses to homologate the agreement and returns it to the lawyer so that it can be modified, but the parties refuse to make the suggested modification, legal aid will withdrawn. In such a case, the lawyer will receive a portion of his fee ($235), and an amount of $235 will be reimbursed to the parties (given that the $167 cost of the judicial stamp will already have been paid) . 

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