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Legal Aid/ Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Aid - Frequently Asqued Questions



How can I find out if I’m eligible for legal aid?
There’s only one way to find out: make an appointment by phone with the Legal Aid Office closest to where you live and go to the meeting at the scheduled time. It is not possible to confirm eligibility over the phone or Internet.
To find out more : Legal Aid Office
I don’t know any lawyers. How do I get legal services?
You don’t have to know a lawyer to be provided with legal aid. If you are eligible, you will be assigned a lawyer.
To find out more : Legal Aid Office
I’m being sued in Ontario, but I live in Québec. Am I entitled to legal aid?
In civil matters, there is a reciprocity agreement between the federal government, the provinces and the territories. An application for legal aid can be filed at the Legal Aid Office closest to where you live.
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I know a lawyer in private practice who I want to represent me. Is this possible even though this lawyer does not work for Legal Aid?
Of course. A lawyer in private practice can represent you if he or she accepts legal aid mandates. Make an appointment at your Legal Aid Office to find out how to go about this.
To find out more : Legal Aid Office
My annual family income is only a bit over the eligibility threshold. Am I still eligible for legal aid?
No. The eligibility scales for legal aid are set by the Act respecting legal aid and the provision of certain other legal services. However, the eligibility threshold are indexed every year. Ask if you are entitled to free legal aid or legal aid with a contribution.
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I’m being taken to court because I can’t pay my parking tickets. Am I entitled to legal aid?
No, because legal aid is not available to defend violations of parking laws and regulations. Some other services aren’t covered either.
To find out more:  Why was I refused?
Can I check whether I’m eligible over the phone or through the Internet?
No, you can only find out in person at a meeting with a legal aid staff lawyer.
To find out more : Legal Aid Office
Is my child entitled to legal aid?
Minors (children under 18) who need to be represented by a lawyer may be eligible for legal aid. Make an appointment with a legal aid lawyer to see if your child is eligible.
To find out more:  Are minor eligible?
I was refused legal aid. Can I contest this decision?
Yes, you can file an application for review with the Review Committee of the Commission des services juridiques. It is also possible to contest the withdrawal of legal aid from a recipient, the demand for repayment of legal aid costs or the determination of a financial contribution (contributory scheme).
To find out more:  Filing an Application for review
I am involved in a legal case and I am convinced that the other party is not entitled to legal aid, even though legal aid was granted to the other party. What can I do to report this situation?
You can file an application for contestation with the director general of the regional legal aid centre in question. An application for review of the decision of the director general may be filed with the Review Committee of the Commission des services juridiques within 15 days following the date on which the decision was rendered.
To find out more : Review committee
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