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Legal Aid/ Why was I refused?

Why Was I refused?

The main reasons for refusal:

  • Income higher than eligibility threshold;
  • Services not covered;
  • Change in financial situation during the course of the case;
  • Claim appears legally unfounded;
  • False information provided;
  • Refusal to provide a required document;
  • Cost of pursuing case is out of proportion to potential benefits;
  • Turning down a reasonable offer to settle the case;
  • Good chance that judgement could not be executed or slim chance of successful outcome;
  • Etc.

This list is not exhaustive. There are other situations that could lead to a refusal or result in a request for reimbursement.

Application for Review

The decision refusing eligibility for legal aid, withdrawing legal aid from a recipient, seeking the repayment of legal aid costs or determining the financial contribution to be paid (contributory scheme) may be contested within 30 days of the decision of the director general of the regional legal aid centre in question.

To file an application for review

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