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Review Committee/ Hearing

Telephonic Hearing

You will receive a Notice of Hearing attending you to a hearing. Your attendance at the telephone hearing is not mandatory. It is very important to ensure that the review panel's decision-makers have all the relevant evidence on the record and that they know your arguments. 
On the day set for the hearing, if you do not show up or if the Review Committee can not reach you by telephone, decision-makers will hold the hearing outside your presence, if necessary. However, you may submit your evidence or arguments to the Review Panel in writing prior to the hearing date. Decision-makers will then make their decision based on the evidence on the record. 
Be aware that the Review Committee may also, after reviewing the file, render a decision without a telephone hearing if it deems it appropriate and the decision is in your favor. This is called a decision on file. 

Filing documents 

At any time prior to the hearing, if you wish to file other documents, fax or mail them to the Review Committee as soon as possible. It will be important to mention the number of your file under review in all correspondence concerning your request for review.

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