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Commission/ Merite Award

Merit Award


Winners 2020

It is with great pride that Me Yvan Niquette, President of the Commission des services juridiques,presented the Prix Mérite de la Commission des services juridiques on October 8th during a virtual meeting.

This award aims at underlining the exceptional contribution of employees through theircommitment, their achievements, and their accomplishments with regard to the organization'smission.

Support staff

M. Pierre Bouvette

From left to right: Me Yvan Niquette, chairman of the CSJ which awards the Prix Mérite 2020 to M. Pierre Bouvette recipient.
The Merit Award is presented to Mr. Pierre Bouvette of the Mauricie-Bois-Francs Community Legal Centre, who distinguished himself among his colleagues, notably through his leadership, rigour, sharing of knowledge, dedication, commitment, achievements and exceptional accomplishments with respect to the mission of the legal aid network over the past 28 years.

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