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Legal Aid, Ju$tice at right price

Information Campaign on Legal Aid in Québec

Since 2006, the eligibility thresholds for legal aid have increased every year, resulting in a greater number of persons becoming potentially eligible for legal aid. In 2010, nearly 2,590,000 persons will be entitled to take advantage of services under the system.

It is essential that every person who is eligible for legal aid and is grappling with legal problems know that he or she can take advantage of the services of a lawyer to which he or she is entitled. These services may be provided at no cost or in consideration for the payment of a contribution, depending on the applicant's situation. The contributory scheme, which is often overlooked, allows persons who are not eligible for gratuitous legal aid to obtain the services of a lawyer in consideration for the payment of a contribution ranging from $100 to $800, depending on the person's income and, if applicable, that of his or her spouse. Unique to Québec, this component allows a person to know, in advance, the costs to be incurred for all the legal services required in a given case.

The CSJ has provided members of the public with access to a free practical checklist that quickly informs them about the eligibility criteria for the gratuitous and contributory schemes of the legal aid system as well as the services that are covered.

You can download the checklist or pick it up in any legal aid office in Québec.

Want to know more? Consult the information section below. It supplements the checklist and provides greater detail on some things you should be aware of. 

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